Fun Layout effect using clipping mask and duplicated sketchy viewport

This isn’t a question, I’m sharing for fun. I made this as part of a Layout lesson while teaching a SketchUp class today. The greyed out areas allow for space for text leaders and instructions, while showing context for the detailing in the background for the text (we haven’t covered text yet, we’re on a lunch break). The versions show some of the options possible.
The detailing model was made by the International Masonry Institute and found on the 3DWH.


Very nice! Thanks for sharing.


Cool. Let me guess: Two SketchUp scenes of identical position but different Styles, then stacked viewports in LO?
Or one SU scene and varied model styles in LO with stacked viewports?
Thanks for the nice idea.

Good call, Gary. You are right, I used both of those techniques for these images, changing the style in LO and in SU for the different effects. I did it different ways for the different images shown.

Also, the masking clip viewport is set to Hybrid to make crisp lines while showing the materials, and the greyed-out viewport is set to Raster, to make it fuzzy for extra contrast.

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