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I am just wondering I am working on a model of an end table, and while practicing I found this very cool tool and its called a Clipping Task… I am wondering can I use the clipping mask and still keep the model I used to create it… kind of like a close up of the joinery I want to highlight off to the side and still keep the original model.


Oh I just did 1 BUT … I cannot create multiple clipping mask on the same model in this case a leg… is this not allowed

A clipping mask is non-destructive. It doesn’t wreck the viewport. You can release the clipping mask if for some reason you need to return to the viewport. Right click on the clipped viewport and choose Release Clipping Mask.

I think you mean you can’t create multiple clipping masks using the same viewoprt. That’s true. There’s nothing preventing you copying the viewport, though, and creating a clipping mask in a different area.

Yes that’s correct Dave… Thanks Ill see if I can copy the view port and try again

Hold Ctrl while dragging the viewport.

I did it … Thanks Dave… Oh by the way I just got your sketchup Basics from Taunton… Ill start on that soon

Glad that worked.

Thanks for getting it. I hope it helps.

I am starting to get the hang of it, I spent all weekend learning keyboard shortcutss, and even setting up a few… Layout is might powerful

Good. Yes. It is. Especially if you use it correctly. Make sure you are creating scenes in SU for each view you’ll have in LO (of course you can create more than one viewport in LO from the same scene) and don’t let them show as modified in the scenes list in the SketchUp Model window.

I am … I made the mistake of thinking that layers could be used in creating Clipping masks… I was wrong!!!1 lesson learnt

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