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Layout Pro 2018:
When I re-scale the referenced SU model scene I lose my match photo background (I understand this is expected). Would the work around be clipping masks to create a scale-able image? Also with view-port highlighted “create clipping mask” is not in my context menu and is grayed out in my Edit pull down. What am I missing?

Thanks DLF

When you resize the viewport in LayOut, DO NOT open the viewport to change the camera position or zoom the SketchUp camera. It’s doing that which causes you to lose the Match Photo image because you are no longer displaying that scene in the viewport. Instead, drag the edges or corners of the viewport to resize it. When you have the model displayed as large as you want it on the page you can tick the box for Preserve Scale on Resize or you could draw a shape and use a clipping mask to crop the view.

There should never be any need to open the viewport to move the camera and as you are seeing, doing so breaks the dynamic link from the scene in SketchUp. This applies to any scene whether Match Photo is involved or not.

Thanks Dave. That’s pretty straight forward. The resizing works fine, however the preserve scale toggle “modifies” the view and eliminates match photo also. Cropping with a mask should work fine now. Any thoughts on why I may not be able to access “create clipping mask”? The view and shape are on same layer and the command is not even included in my context menu.

Ticking that box should not create a modified scene. Are you doing something else like clicking on the Ortho button or selecting a Standard view?

You need to select both the shape and the viewport to get Create Clipping Mask to show in the Context menu.

If you share the LO file, I’ll take a look and see if I can give you more guidance. If you don’t want to make it public, send it via a private message. If it’s more than 3 MB which is likely, upload to Drop Box and share the link.

There is indeed something about the Match Photo scenes that makes them impossible to crop in LayOut by using the “preserve scale…” tickbox without losing the background photo, so a clipping mask is the only possibility.

Duh. Thanks again Dave. the clipping mask tip works just fine.


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