'Greyed-Out' Clipping Mask

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I’ve found the use of the clipping mask very useful; however is there a way, instead of totally removing everything beyond the clipping mask just to make it translucent/semi-opaque to give it context but retain the focus on the area of the actual clipping.

Thanks in anticipation

You can’t do that with just the clipping mask but you can do it a different way. I would use three layers for this. From the top down, Clipped Viewport, Color mask, and Unclipped viewport.

Place the viewport on the Unclipped viewport layer, copy it, paste it and move the copy to the Clipped Viewport layer.

Lock the Unclipped viewport layer, And turn off the visibility for the Clipped Viewport layer. Make the Color mask layer active and draw a rectangle over the viewport. Color it with a transparent gray fill and probably untick Stroke. Turn the Clipped Viewport layer on and make it active. Lock the Color Mask layer. Create your clipping mask and presto! It sounds harder than it really is.

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By stacking multiple copies of the viewport this way, you could create additional clipped areas. Perhaps you want to highlight multiple areas in an overall view and add labels with something like “See page XX for detail.” or you make insets to surround a central view with leaders from the highlighted areas to the appropriate insets.

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