Trying to create a custom viewport in SketchUp Layout

I am trying to create a custom viewport to show the detailing of my pillar - I am currently following a tutorial on how to do so. But it says to go to edit - release clipping mask. But when I do so it is greyed out. Is there a way of fixing this?

Have you created a clipping mask for the viewport?

If you haven’t then there is no clipping mask to release…

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You have to select the viewport AND the mask , and then action menu will be ok.

As Paul indicates, there’s no clipping mask to release with the viewport you have selected.

What exactly are you trying to do with this viewport?

Technically that is only when you double click on a viewport with a mask. They are grouped as a single entity.

You should create that scene in SU. It will be easier and more consistent.

Thank you all for your prompt responses - created a clipping mask with a shape over my viewport and it worked! thank you so much!