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Hello Everyone

Been a while since I’ve been here. How times flies when you’re having fun. Is it Christmas yet?

I’m wondering if there is a way to create a Layout Template which has a repeating image in the background, on the paper. So, in the same way the Graph Paper templates have graph lines, I’d like to create a template that has a repeated logo many many, oh so many times.

The idea is to make the paper look textured, but when zoomed in, it is a repeating logo. It is to prevent unscrupulous dodgy people (:wink: ) from ‘steeling’ the design/work etc.

I have tried to figure out how the graph paper ones are created but I’m stumped.

I’m thinking it may be something for Photoshop, but I do not want it to be an image in Layout, as this would slow everything down. It needs to be part of the ‘paper’ in the same way the graph lines are.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Mike,

I would use an image editor to make a large image of the repeated logos. Then insert that image on a layer by itself at the bottom of the list. You could even use SketchUp to make a texture from the logo image and export a png of it to use as the inserted image.

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Hi @DaveR

Hope you’re ok.

Yes, I was thinking that but wanted to try and avoid inserting an image in Layout, as I fear it may slow it down. I am only think grey scale logos so not full colour.

I’d love to know how they made the graph paper ones.


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I’m keeping out of trouble, mostly, Mike.

I guess I don’t know how the grid is generated but I don’t think there’s any access to that sort of process.

If the image isn’t incredibly huge it shouldn’t hurt anything and you can leave the layer turned off while you work

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I never thought about it before but it would be kind of cool if there was a watermark option in LO like there is in the Styles in SketchUp. You could import an image and make it tile automaticlly across the page.

That would be perfect actually.

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Not the same as you are looking for, but for ‘sample’ work that I share with potential clients I use a PDFWatermark app (on a Mac) - I then have a repeating ‘Design Sample - Not for Construction’ that is transparent and repeats over the image, enough to be annoying, but not so much so that you cannot understand the work being shown.

And while I appreciate your intent I don’t think what you propose will stop anyone. Someone dodgy is going to be dodgy, regardless of what you put on the output - logos, watermarks, copyright notice, etc.

It sucks, but it is the world we live in.

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To reduce the size of template file, instead using a large image, you may create a rectangle then fill it by a pattern fill with your logo (in png format) repeat as much as you want.

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