Layout material symbol

I need additional material symbols in Layout. May anybody help me?
I need the following additional textures:
beton_bewehrt_bild beton_unbewehrt_bild leichtbeton_bild

When i import one of these example textures, i got the following result:

But the solid lines and dashed lines should be continuous.

Any hints how to solve this problem?

best regards Steve

Hi Steve,

The issue is that this image is not a repeatable pattern. You’ll need to find one that is, or edit/create one using a graphics editor.

Hi and thank you for the prompt reply.
Is it possible to export the existing images from layout as a template, so that they can be edited and reinserted.

How do i create a repeatable pattern?

I use a free graphics editor called Inkscape.

A search for “repeating hatch pattern” on YouTube brings up this quick tutorial that seems to show how to create a repeating diagonal line pattern in Photoshop. It’s a fairly basic pattern (and different program from Inkscape), so you may need to look at some Inkscape tutorials, and then extrapolate from there to create what you’re looking for.

Thank you very much!
By your hints I came on the right way and found the following page:

With the suggestions on this page I was able to create the required pattern with the programs Sketchup and Pixelmator (iOS App).

Here it is: