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Hi all!

I drawed a floor plan of a house in SketchUp. Out of this floor plan, I build a 3D object.
In order to have the house approved, I have to draw the structure of the exterior wall in a 2D view.
I would like to do this in LayOut.
That’s why I’ve added in LayOut some oblique lines to part of the outside wall.
This means that it is a masonry. As well as to find in layout in the material symbols.

Now I need a material symbol for thermal insulation, for the outermost shell.

Since this normalized symbol for thermal insulation does not exist in LayOut, I have drawn it directly in SketchUp. Because here it is relatively easy to work with repetitions.
It looks a bit like a marker from google maps, which is rotated 180 times every second time.

However, if I now transfer the SketchUp file to LayOut, the lines for thermal insulation will not look right anymore.

to see the details,…right click onto the picture and “open in new tab”…

Can someone help me please, as I get exactly the material symbol in layout as you can see in the detail view in the picture from Sketchup above?

kindest regards Steve

I suspect you need to render the viewport for the insultation as vector in LayOut. It would be easier to give you exact advice if you share the LayOut file.

There are hatches available in LO that could be used or you could use a hatch pattern as a texture in SketchUp.

Hi Dave, thank you for your fast reply!

Here are the layout Forum_001.layout (377.6 KB) and the sketchup Forum_1.skp (725.9 KB) files.

Hope you may help!

OK. As I suggested, rendering the insulation viewport as vector make it look the way I expect you want it to. I also set the Line weight (scale) to 0.2 pt to make it lighter.

Keep in mind that at the small size of the page and the model, the issulation is not likely to print all that well anyway. You might do better to create an inset that shows it at a larger scale. Here I made a copy of the viewport and set the scale for that copy to 1:20 Then I created a clipping mask with a circle and added an arrow with the Line tool.

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Great! You are my hero!

Just a last question about this theme: Is there a possibility to draw or import that material style in LayOut, so I do not have to draw it in SketchUp.

There are hatch patterns already in LO. You found one for the diagonal hatching. If you have a PNG image of the insulation hatch pattern, you can import it as a new hatch pattern.

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I added the symbol ans scaled it to 0,05x .
, but I’m not able to position it properly.

See here:

As a test, I covered a section of the wall.

0.04x worked for me.

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hmm. I´ll try it tomorrow, when i´m back in the office.

There is the possibility to scale and rotate the png.
Can i also move the png up or down?
How does your LayOut behave when you set a different scale for the entire floor plan? Then the insulation is still properly arranged or must then be scaled again?

The LayOut drawing entities including the pattern would need to be rescaled to match the scale of the viewport. Since they are separate entities, you would need to do each one. You could make that easier if you’d use a scaled drawing for that because you could set its scale to match the scale of the viewport.

Unfortunately, 0,04 does not work for me. When i user the 0,04 the symbol is present, but it is shifted slightly upwards and from below a new part of the symbol protrudes into the recess.

Any hints about this or is the best way to solve the problem zu draw it in SketchUp like we mentioned at the beginning?

If it was my project, I would use a texture in SketchUp but you can also drag the edges of the rectangle. You could adjust the size of the png in an image editor, too.

Thank you. I think i also take the solution with SketchUp.
Have a good day!


The added benefits of using the hatch as a texture in SketchUp are that you don’t have to make an additional drawing in LO for this, changing the scale of the drawing in LO is a one step thing, if you move walls in the model, the pattern can go with it.

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