Connect patterns from SketchUp to LayOut or vice versa?!

Is there a way to pick a material - or pattern used in SU to fill certain areas in LO? Please see red circles- an area in my SketchUp model in LO has a pattern as “material” I want to use this in a smaller square in LO to be able to explain what it is. Can I use the eye dropper to pick it up from the model?

If not can I work the opposite way to use a pattern fill in LO and apply this to areas in my SU model? (Green circles)

Any tip or clue on this matter would be most welcome -thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Susanne,

There isn’t a way to sample textures from one to the other but you could create a SketchUp material library from the patterns in LayOut or use the ones in SketchUp to create a set of patterns for LayOut. Would that work for you?

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Just create a scene in SketchUp with small patches of your patterns and line them up the way you want them. Insert the scene in LO and add the labels to make the legend.

If you want to get really crazy, group and name each swatch and LO leader tool will pickup the swatch names automatically.

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Yeah that’s another way. Susanne and I have talked about that option previously.

Thank you - just need to make up my mind which way to go then… :slight_smile:

But is it only me who think it is weird that you can not find same set-up as “standard” in both SU and LO?! That I need to trix to get it to work? Actually a few are the same I discovered…

Anyhow - thanks.

I agree it seems a little odd. I suppose the pattern fills were originally intended to be just hatch patterns but they don’t have to be. It’s easy enough to add your own fills to customize LayOut to your own needs just like you can in SketchUp.

Interesting- when I save a material in SU as image to be able to import it as a pattern in LO - it seems like it is saving the original settings in colors?!

I have modified/edited the material in SU to be more greyish/pale in color - but after saving the material modifed as a jpg and then importing it in LO it looks like the original brown color shades?
And it does not seem to work to edit it in LO?

How are you editing the material? In the SketchUp materials editor? If so, you need to make a new material from it. Otherwise it’s just exporting the original image. As an alternative you can export the materials from your In Model materials and edit them in a separate image editor. Save the edits and then use those in LayOut.

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There are a lot of things like that in LO. Some things work the same as SU and some don’t. There probably should be much more consistency between two sister applications.