Tiles and bricks in wireframe

hiya everyone
I’m trying to show tiles and bricks in wire frame in layout like the image below . any ideas on how to do it?

thanks in advance


It is possible to draw polygons/circles/rectangles in LayOut over an inserted model, then apply a pattern fill to drawn primitives. It is necessary to turn off uniform fill in order to make a pattern fill transparent.

It is also possible to set transparency level for a uniform fill instead of turning it completely off (in case if it is necessary to make a colored overlay).

thanks heaps
Will I have to download the shape style menu? if so where do I download it from

I found ths in layout but I can’t apply to individual parts of the house? any idea how?


In order to use the patterns in LayOut, you would need to either explode the viewport so it become LO entities or trace over the viewport with LO’s drawing tools. Keep in mind that exploding the viewport breaks the connection to the model. If you need to make changes to the SketchUp model, both of these options are problematic because you’ll need to modify the patterned areas in LO to match the change in the model.

An alternative would be to apply patterns in SketchUp.

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heya DaveR
can you get plain patterns in skp I couldn’t find them in styles

Patterns are materials not styles. You could make your own SU materials from the LO patterns if you want. You need to import the images as materials from Program Data/SketchUp/LayOut/Patterns.

ok there is something new i gotta learn lol i’ll google how to create my own materials then just use pattern pics to do so?

hi Dace
I can’t find patterns the in layout file? there is images but that is empty
any ideas?

Do you mean in Program Data/…/LayOut/Patterns? Are you trying to import the images into SketchUp as textures? They are PNG files so you need to select the right file type to search for. And texture are made from images. This is PatternFills/Material Symbols.

Screenshot - 11_14_2017 , 9_28_23 PM

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it’s weird I don’t have a patterns file in layout i’ve tried showing hidden files but its not there

Are you looking in ProgramData or somewhere else?

Your profile says you are using Make. Are you actually using Pro?

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C; > program data > sketchup > sketchup 2017 > layout

I am using pro

sorry if that sounded rude Dave it didnt mean to

Can you open the folder in File Explorer and make a screen shot of the files in that folder?

No worries. It didn’t sound rude.


You’re looking at Program Files, not Program Data.

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ohhhh now i got it thanks heaps mate

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I might be a bit late to this party and missed something, but you have tried the ‘patterns’ in Sketchup. I don’t remember if there are tiles but there are definitely black and white Bricks.
On my phone so can’t confirm.

There are some patterns there but not the same ones as in LO. I figured NH had seen them already so I didn’t mention them