Pattern fill?

Hi, thanks for all the help here!

Trying to pattern fill a standing seam roof. It fills the viewport around the roof but not the roof itself. ? In other words the background gets filled with the pattern. Is there a way to select the roof… within the viewport?

Might be best to post your file … not much to go on with the short description

Sounds like you are trying to use a LO pattern to fill a detail inside the SU file. Maybe better to do the filling in SU first?

As Simon says, looks like you are trying to edit the SketchUp model from Layout using Layout tools - it doesn’t work like that.

If you want to pattern an area in layout you have to trace around your shape and then assign it a pattern in the shape properties. If you have a roof in SU check out Vali Instant roof tools and you can model the roof spines in SU at light speed.

thanks everybody