Shape style - pattern/fill external walls only, in plan view


Hi - in Layout I have a plan view of a room which has been imported from SU.
I want to fill just the external walls with a brickwork pattern/hatch. So, I traced the outer most wall lines and the pattern fills the entire model. I can’t quite see how to restrict the pattern to my external walls only. If I trace the inner lines of my (external) walls and fill, this then obscures the hatch and the rest of my drawing, no matter what layer it’s put on. Any ideas? I must be missing something here folks…


Hello! If I were you, I’d apply the cross hatch directly onto the surface in the SketchUp file then save/send it to LayOut. Did I get you right? Is it a parallel top projection view? You can upload screenshots for further information.


Oh yes I see, it’s like that is it. Ok done, many thanks for your help


Is it a perspective you’re trying to do this with or a 2D elevation?


I you need filled sections which you also can use in LayOut you can use our extension Skalp for SketchUp.



It’s a 2D elevation Dave.


It is probably better to apply the hatching as a texture in the SketchUp model but there is a way to get it done in LayOut if you really need to.

Use the Line tool to trace around the perimeter of the wall continuing around the window(s). You want it to be a continuous loop.

You can trace back over the line connecting the inner and outer perimeters.

After closing the loop, Apply the pattern and turn off Stroke to hide the lines you’ve drawn.

Adding the hatch texture in SketchUp instead of LayOut is better because you don’t have to adjust its location or scale if you change the view and if you want the same hatch in a perspective view, the hatch will also get the perspective appearance.