Pattern/Hatch fill

How do I fill this ‘wall’ without filling the inner square, or creating four rectangles. The original was created in SU using the R tool, then exported to Layout. I then used the R tool in Layout to fill. Sample Hatch.layout (112.5 KB)

What’s the problem with simply adding a blank rectangle to block out a portion of the the rectangle to cover the hatch so that the interior part is not visible?

Modified Hatch.layout (109.1 KB)

You’re correct if there’s no other detail inside; but if there is, the ‘fill’ covers it.

You don’t need to make more work for yourself than necessary. If you want to have a hatched pattern on the exterior of a shape and a different pattern on the interior (btw this was not requested in your initial post), just draw the first rectangle with the desired hatch pattern and superimpose a second shape with the new hatch pattern in position above the first so that part of the hatch in the first rectangle remains exposed.

Modified Hatch2.layout (110.6 KB)

You control what is seen, so you must creatively think about what it is you want to illustrate.

Thanks for your help. My error is that I hadn’t toggled the ‘Pattern’ & ‘Fill’ on/off when doing the rectangles. So…I think I’ve got it, but why am I picking some residual image from the pattern when I do a White fill for the inner rectangle - and the Fill says I’m at 100% opacity. Ha…or maybe I don’t have it.Domos.layout (134.0 KB)