Hatching in construction drawings

Hi, I am using SU 8 and LayOut. I need to hatch demising walls for construction drawings. My understanding is that I’d better do that in SU than in LayOut. How?

If you’re doing it in SketchUp, you need to either use a texture (raster image or you need to draw parallel lines in the hatch areas.

Do you recommend doing it in SU rather than in LayOut? I read you recommended it to someone bc this way LayOut will automatically adjust the fill-in texture when size changes.

If I do it in SU do I have to custom make a hatch pattern and fill it in texture? Or does SU have hatch pattern?

I guess I would generally do it in SketchUp. if I needed hatching as vector lines as I do for plans I create for a certain client, I would make an array of lines with the Line tool and Move/Copy. Otherwise raster images work. You need faces for the section cuts so you have something to apply the texture to. TIG’s Add Section Cut Face from Sketchucation is perfect for creating the faces.

As you say, they will scale with the model when you adjust the size of the viewport so doing them in SketchUp makes sense.

There are some pattern materials included with SketchUp but you may want to make your own. I haven’t looked but you might see if anyone has uploaded hatch materials in the 3D Warehouse.

Thanks. Not sure how a custom pattern can be transferred by move/copy onto demising wall areas. Maybe there’s a copy and fill function for highlighted areas to be filled? (I will need to be able to export files to bldg engineer firm that uses CAD later on.)

On a different note: since I am using SUPro I don’t have access to the Warehouse any longer. Are you familiar with that? How can that be fixed?

No. I was referring to drawing a series of parallel lines by drawing one and then use Move/Copy to make an array of them…

As for the Warehouse access, you’re right. It is not accessible from SU8. The proper fix is to update to current Sketchup.

OK. Does it mean you upload that custom hatch pattern as a pdf file into Materials/Texture? And then fill the demising wall areas with that material?

I will have to look into updating SU8 (which I just bought a couple of weeks ago).

Thanks again.

Out of curiosity, where and how did you buy that? It hasn’t been available from official sources for years. Only the latest, and one earlier version.

Red flag!!! Where did you buy SU 8 pro from a couple of weeks ago? It’s been 5 years since it was available to buy from Google.

As for the drawn hatch lines, you could export a jpg or png to import as a Texture.

Dave and John: Sorry, I must have remembered incorrectly. I bought SUPro 2017, version 17.2.2554 from SU website. (I think I had SU Make 8 prior and updated to SU Pro 2017 recently.)

That is an understandable mistake. Glad it’s cleared up.

You should have access to the 3D Warehouse with SU2017. Let us know if you really can’t get to it.

Actually, I continue to not have access to the 3D Warehouse from SUPro2017.

Are you logged in, inside SU? Look for the little ‘person’ (head and shoulders) icon third along in bottom left of the main SU window:

If you are not, click on it and log in. You might need to register again, if you had only registered previously in SU8.

If you ARE showing as logged in, try clicking on it to sign out, and log in again.

OK, do you have any internet access from SketchUp? Extension Warehouse? File->Generate Report? Add Location?

Thank you!! I have 3D Warehouse access now.

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Layout is made for turning your 3D model into construction drawings. Do your wall hatching in Layout.

If this is what you’re referring too - sometimes I’ll use from the material pallet steel or aluminum and you can set the size in the edit menu for them. see pic

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