Diagramatic hatch patterns for sketchup


I would like to use some simple hatch patterns (materials) such as some of the traditional drafting hatches representing insulation, sand, concrete, earth, etc. Does anyone know of a source for hatches like that for Sketchup?


My 2d Tools has a set of CAD-like hatching patterns.
There are others around too… if you search…
You just need appropriate images to use as textures for new materials…


thanks. That is very helpful.
I’m curious why you made it part of a plugin rather than just a package of textures?


We made a plugin Skalp for Sketchup (www.skalp4sketchup.com) which is a live section tool. A feature of this plugin is a pattern designer which creates tileable textures from autocad pattern files.


There is a list of available hatch patterns in this section https://sites.google.com/site/sketchupsage/tips-tricks#TOC-Working-with-CAD-and-Other-Programs.