Diagonal Hatching lines in wall sections to show filled construction

Diagonal Hatching-I have not been able to find diagonal hatching lines to fill wall section planes- like when you do a section plane cut on a building, and you want to put diagonal line patterns in thickness of wall to show it’s filled construction (solid not hollow space). Can anyone advise? I don’t see that straight diagonal hatching pattern in sketchup or layout. I see other material hatching but not the normal diagonal lines.

Take a look at Skalp for SketchUp.

Skalp create fully hatched sections with the standard SketchUp section tool. To hatch this sections Skalp delivers also a special Pattern Designer which can make tileable textures from AutoCAD pattern files.

We shortly will introduce a new feature 'align by object’. With ‘align by object’ you can generate hatching which automatically align itself to the SketchUp object. With this feature it’s a peace of cake for example to hatch insulation or timber…

You can download 120 free Skalp texture which can be used in SketchUp also without Skalp:

With Skalp you can export this Skalp materials to Layout to use the same patterns in 2D.

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Thanks for your response, Guy. I’m still not sure if this is what I’m looking for. I need to be able to hatch the section wall cuts with vector (not raster) diagonal lines when making construction drawings from Sketchup model in Layout. The closest thing I find in Layout is the brick common face in the patterns, but it looks raster based, so if I do large format printing it will look pixelized. Advice?


The pattern fills supplied by LayOut are raster based, unfortunately, so they will start to appear pixelated at high zoom levels. I’ve seen folks do hatching with transparent watermark images in SketchUp (for more information: http://www.mastersketchup.com/layout-pattern-fill-hatching/) but I’m not sure if that helps.

As a side note, the pattern fills supplied with LayOut can be rotated in order to supply different patterns - so you may be able to find a pattern with horizontal lines (e.g. Pavement) and then rotate it to give diagonal lines.



I should have also mentioned that it’s possible to add your own pattern-fill images to LayOut. They’ll still be raster, but you can increase the DPI of the image to reduce pixelation. In the above screenshot, you’d click on the drop-down arrow next to “Material Symbols” and then choose “Import Custom Pattern…”.

The downside of pattern-fill images in LayOut is that they don’t work directly on SketchUp viewports - you’ll need to trace over the desired shape using the line tool in LayOut.
More info:


Why should you have vector?

Skalp can export it section to dxf with vector hatching if you really want vector hatching. But for layout we use raster images. We optimize these raster images for you print scale. The printed result we be exactly the same only when zooming on your screen the vector hatch will be better. A vector hatch will also be rasterized when you send it to the printer or plotter and the printed result wil be the same.

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Thanks, Marc. I noticed that also while playing around with it. Good idea about the asphalt!

Thanks, Guy. I guess it should be okay when I print it large format. The pattern just looks pixelated when I zoom in on my layout file.