Diagonal hatch lines in Skjetchup? Layout

Hi, I’m drawing a Floor Plan in SketchUp, I then assign tags to each line and amend the weight/ style of the line in Layout.

I need to use a diagonal hatch line to show rugs and there’s no option for this type of line available in Layout. Is there a way of doing this? Either in the original SketchUp drawing or in Layout?

Draw an area in Layout and assign a diagonal line pattern to it. you can decide to show the stroke around the area or turn it off. There is a youtube video on how to use patterns, colors etc.

Hi Mike

Thanks for responding, much appreciated! It’s just the border line that needs to be a diagonal hash line. Not the face of a shape - if you see what I mean!

Attached shows what I need. Any ideas?

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diagonal line 1.JPG

i would draw a square within a square within a square and add a pattern to the middle square

pattern.layout (22.5 KB)

Control the pattern and stroke at the red arrows. Image on the right has the stroke on the middll and inner square turned off.

I have made some “object” “linetypes” as dynamic blocks in SketchUp

Thank you so much! Really helpful of you and much appreciated :slight_smile:

Brilliant, will check them out. Thank you!