Decent hatching

Dear Sketchup,

Please, please, please add a decent hatching tool to Sketchup. I use Skalp but that is quite buggy…Oh and line weights :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!


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I wonder if this would be a tool or a style setting.
Wondering because the current section cut face color is a style setting. But this is global at this time.

It certainly would be an easier workflow if section cut faces could be hatch painted with a tool like the bucket tool. (Maybe a section brush tool?)

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In an earlier discussion I suggested that a vector hatch option could be added to SketchUp materials, using the same kind of .pat files used by Autodesk and other CAD applications. Then a style setting could determine whether SketchUp would display the hatch pattern or colour/texture.


Because .skm files are a zip container adding pattern files or SVG or whatever would be easy.

I’d think that older SketchUp versions would just ignore anything inside the archives that they didn’t expect. :crossed_fingers:

If it’s simple 'decent ’ hatching for in Layout, i.e. vector, then I discovered this discussion at Skectucation:

I’m not suggesting it’s necessarily a solution for everyone… (it works for me)

And as for lineweights, then if it’s for Layout, you could look into Mike Brightman’s method of stacked viewports in Layout.

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Hi Paul, I tried all sorts of “workarounds” but, I think, this should be a standard tool as Sketchup wants to present itself as “all you need” as an architect. I get details and sections cuts how they should be drawn in the end, but it still is a struggle. Let’s be honest, Layout is still too buggy an way to slow to do with what it should do, but yes I 've found “workarounds”. I love SU, for more than 18 years, but it just needs that tiny perfection to become a complete tool for architects, interior architects and designers.


Or add a pattern generator to the forgotten StyleBuilder App


I second that… It’s one of most frustrating things when creating architectural plans to not be able to create proper vector hatches. I use Skalp also but it’s so slow and buggy that it’s frustrating to work with… Even just adding an option to use material on section cuts would be a big improvement already.

Please learn from Skalp and build a native solution.


adding styles to SB would be handy…

it’s only ever been an ‘raster’ edge builder with limited usefulness…


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I believe the hatching should be a Layout feature with the option to dynamically link hatch patterns to SketchUp materials, Sketchup tags, and Layout layers.