Feature Request? - Section Fill Pattern


I was just thinking it would be nice if in the styles options we could choose a fill pattern for section fills as they appear in SketchUp that would also carry over into Layout. As it is now it has to be a solid color, or I have to draw a special shape over the cut area if I want the pattern. An example would be my current project, a bathroom and closet remodel, where the interior elevations must cut through cabinets. If I used the default setting of black section fill it would be distracting and use a lot more ink/toner over time than necessary. It would be better if it were a hatch pattern.

I’m using the latest versions of SketchUp and ConDoc Tools by Mike Brightman. Let me know if there is already a way to do this I’ve been missing all these years :slight_smile:

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I use TIG’s Section Cut Face from Sketchucation for this. It creates faces at the section cut which can then have materials added to them like any other faces. That also allows me to add different textures for different elements in the model. Here’s an example.

Steam Whistle Detail

I have no objection to seeing what you request added as a feature. I’m not waiting until it is added, though. I sometimes find it useful to use the result of Section Cut Face on its own, too without the rest of the model being displayed. So for me having the section cut as actual geometry is very useful. You could manually do the same sort of thing using Group from Slice but then you would have to go into the resulting group and create the faces. Ain’t nobody got time for that!


One of the view things in Sketchup / Layout I wish wouldn’t need an extension. It’s much too important. I proposed a way of how to implement this without bloating the software via the cunning use of materials in this post! :slight_smile: One can dream, can’t one! :slight_smile:

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Someone wants it, someone doesn’t, they just want SketchUp keep simple as much as it can. So, the best solution is using extension.


Exactly! This seems like a simple request that would save some time. I will try TIG’s Cut Face extension. Thank you.

You can utilize the Skala method to insert hatches on sections. I appreciate this method because it predominantly relies on native tools, thereby enhancing compatibility for future edits.