V2020.1 Section Fill Pattern?

I just read the announcement about v2020.1 and I saw this picture:

It looks like there is kind of a section fill pattern. How is this done? Does anybody already know?

As far as I know, this was only possible with extensions like skalp?

No, you’ve been able to use simple cut fills for a while now in the Styles panel.

Screenshot 2020-05-01 at 08.19.48

Yes I know this one, but this creates only a fill, but on the picture it seems to have a diagonal pattern?!

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Does it? Hard to see in the picture. But you’re right, although you can change the colour of a fill, you can’t choose a pattern. Maybe something for a later version (but I haven’t explored 2020.1 yet)?

This image is a lie, just like the image some cycle ago with a folded section cut. :frowning:

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That hatched section cut could have been done with Skalp or even using TIG’s Section Cut Face.

Ok thanks for your replies. It’s what I expected and I would be crazy HAPPY if I could do this without any plugin easily :partying_face:


This would be absolutely lovely! Adding materials to cuts. Having vector materials that stay crisp when exporting. Having an option to apply the pattern in either model space or screen space.

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