Pattern as fill for Sections

Apologies if there is a thread like this by after searching one I did not feel like there is an answer.

Is there a way to use a pattern as a fill on sections, not just a colour? At the moment for our plans and sections we end up drawing over the viewport in Layout which does not make sense and doubles your work.

You can only use solid colors with the native section fills. TIG wrote an extension years ago that creates faces in section cuts. Those can be painted with hatches or other textures. SectionCutFace is available from Sketchucation.

Or there’s Skalp.

Or if your hatching needs are simple you could try

I use this method and have a scrapbook of frequent shapes, e.g. brick and other masonry units, foundations, etc. And I’ve created some other patterns.

The advantage is that the patterns are vector.

Obviously this won’t work for everyone.

We have been doing something similar (sounds like it) but just annoying that it is not ‘live’ or ‘smart’ when you change the model.

Installing now to check, thank you. Have tried some extensions before and it wasn’t great, but can keep on trying.

All these extensions seem to be additional purchases, which is annoying. Why can’t SU just not deliver it?
Any idea of when they will add something like that?

There’s no charge for the one I suggested.

It’s been requested but SketchUp never reveals if or when features will be added.

I looked at it and when I clicked on ‘Sign Up’ it gave me payment options, but i see now there is another button for ‘sign up for free’.

At the moment this can’t be done without extensions.

In any case, as always when this discussions comes up, I’d like to request not merely having custom hatches for fills, but a general approach of applying any material to a fill, and add support for vector materials. This would not only allow for vector fills , but raster fills as well as crisp vector hatches on faces as well.


Do you think vector materials could be a thing? That would be fantastic!

I don’t know, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.