Hello One and All.

Can anyone please point me to a simple way to hatch floor plans, sections, etc?

The “work-around” solutions don’t work for me.

Many thanks

What work arounds have you tried?

If you are talking about section cuts - have you tried the plugin Skalp?

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This is the first one I used, and it’s still the simplest and allows for a lot, espeially if you want to draw details inside section cuts:

SectionCutFace | SketchUcation

+1 for SectionCutFace. I didn’t get on with Skalp, it seemed overly complex. SCF leaves you in control and if you think beyond what SCF initially shows there is plenty of scope to graphically enhance the cut, BUT you will loose it if you do a rebuild, so best leave enhancements as late as possible in your workflow unless you don’t mind manual edits.

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The way I use to use Section Cut Face is that I used to manually update it only, as the project progressed, so I had control instead of auto updates. Once I started hatching and hand drawing details, I would then stop manually updating it and would add faces that would be coplanar to the section cut and would intersect faces with model, to update only the parts of the model that had changed. Then with line tool and eraser, it would be very fast to accurately heal where needed.

I use @curic4su 's now and though for automatic hatch operations it is cool, once we need to jump into it for detail drawings, it becomes more difficult.