Skalp functionality in Sketchup

#SketchupTeam How hard would it be to add a simple version of skalp to Sketchup? It wouldn’t have to be complex: just a simple button in the layers pane that would open a dialog box that would allow one to choose the hatch that populates the section fill for that layer. Skalp is slow, full of bugs, and complicated.
This feature alone would take Sketchup to a whole new level in the world of cad. AUTODESK MIGHT EVEN GO OUT OF BUSINESS. Imagine the possibilities!


Or just paint a material onto the section fill with Paint Bucket Tool. All hatches could be available as materials.


I would also except a color by layer solid fill option

How about my oldie…
It is old, but it’s simple and it works - it lets you face/paint any section-cut face with a chosen material.
You can also edit the resultant group [you might need to unlock] and then repaint individual face-parts with the model’s materials as desired…


@Lulwa That’s what I mean: It would be just like color by layer but it would only be shown in the section cuts.

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I’ve recently started creating components using realistic materials on the outside face and on the reversed face I’ve used a hatch pattern fill so now when I use the section tool I can see the hatch fills, still early days using this method, but looking good so far, will add a drawing in the morning.

I use the fill based on styles but it is very limited. I think it was a mistake to associate the fill with a style. Should have been by object assignment or layer assignment.

The idea of having the one fill in a scene is not very good.

I tried scalp and found the usability and performance tax too high.

A long used favourite of mine… thx Tig

I’m going to take another pass at @TIG Cut Face. First thing I noticed is the need to turn off the SketchUp fill.

Of course it will clash with this new simplistic section-fill tool.
It is a geometry based solution…:roll_eyes:

Yeah I sort of felt like I was stating the obvious.

The obvious is not always obvious…

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I find this whole thing frustrating. If I need more then one fill on a scene or view I’m going old school and just create patterns in layout on top of my model.