Creating new and pattern fills and line tipes


Hi All,
just wondering if there is a facility for developing new pattern fills for my cross sections in layout. I’m also looking at developing a scaleable ‘wavy’ line to indicate quilt insulation. I know we have Scalp and a few others but for now I’m just looking to do it this way if possible.
Thanks in advance! :grin:


You can create your own PNG images to use as pattern fills. You could draw the lines in SketchUp if you want and export as PNG. Currently there is no option for creating custom line types in LayOut, though.


I was surprised that I could not find anywhere a “batt insulation” symbol texture, so I tried to make one. It came out ok, but is a little faint. I exported the SKP model to an image file, but as a JPEG instead of PNG. PNG might have been more successful. Then I used that image to make a texture in SU. The attached
image is a section slice decorated in SU, imported to a LO document, and exported as a high resolution PDF. Feel free to sample this texture and use it, or polish and improve it and share back.

Batt Insul 1.skp (213.8 KB)