Pattern fill - water

Can anyone direct me to the pattern fill - water
I cant find one anywhere - I must be missing something

sorry its such a basic question


Good Morning Lucy

This site is good for textures.

They also do many others.

Kind regards


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Gosh Mike, that’s a very cool site and I am sure I will use it a lot - so thanks for that!

it is not exactly what I need today though - I am looking for pattern fills for sketch up layout - I need to show water pattern fill on a section - (a bit like these below) I need water

Hi Lucy,

Ah, apologies.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure where to find water patterns in that format.

It is possible to create patterns though, and then save them so that they can be used in either Sketchup or Layout. I’ve been doing some for various Brick Bond patterns, so I’m sure its possible to create a water one.

Snowed under on a project at the moment, but when I get time I’ll have a go.

Kind regards


Do you have a sample from somewhere that shows what you want the water fill to look like? They aren’t difficult to make so you could make your own.

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