Skalp insulation batt pattern


hi there, has anyone got / know where I can find / purchase an insulation batt acad pattern (.pat) that I can use in Skalp? It seems to be the hardest thing in the world! MC Escher patterns, sure. Arabesque, you bet. Flowers, of course. Every other possible material, with compliments sir.
Insulation Batt - not on your nelly.

Skalps pattern Designer only allows you to import .pat files. Ive only found 2 possible .pat candidates but of course for some reason they don’t work. :sob:


Click on the bold type for several options. Note that the search does not identify Skalp specific patterns.
Search for SketchUp insulation patterns


Thanks for that but I’ve been through all that for the last 4 hours of my life, it’s skalp / .pat specific stuff that I’m looking for

As I don’t come from an acad background, is it possible to create/ edit .pat anywhere else or am I basically stuffed?


I have not bought the Skalp plugin yet so I am of little help in that area. Have you tried to communicste directly with @Guy? He is the developer of the plugin.


We ship a bat insulation pattern standard with Skalp.
Choose in the pattern listbox for ‘BAT INSULATION’, select the align checkbox and set the green Tile Size to the desired thickness of the insulation (the size is the scaled size depending the Skalp scale setting).


Hi guy
For some reason, that hatch type does not appear, Is it downloadable? I only have a hard panel insulation pattern in the list.

What you show there is perfect and makes me giddy with excitement.




It should be there. But you first need to create a Skalp material with the pattern designer and select the BAT INSULATION pattern before your really can use it in Skalp.
If you don’t get this pattern maybe you have broken the skalp.pat file by trying to import bad .pat files. You can fix this by removing the skalp.pat file in the folder Skalp_Skalp/Recources/hatchpats/ (from your plugin folder), restart SketchUp and Skalp again and the default skalp.pat with the BAT INSULATION pattern will be reinstalled automatically.


Awesome I’ll try that now, cheers


Works, fantastic. That has literally been driving me insane for about a year. Thanks


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