Adding Pattern Fill symbols to LayOut

Could someone tell me how to add a pattern to Pattern Fill?
I’d like to add new patterns for things like ground covers and pavers, for infilling large areas.

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Here’s an article that should help. If you’re thinking about creating a lot of custom images, you’ll want to “Import a custom collection”.

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Thanks! I’ll give it a try!

I followed the instructions, but the pattern does not multiply itself and expand indefinitely.
Suggestions? Thanks!

I’m going to guess that the image you’re using is too large and has some whitespace around the pattern that you actually want? The goal is to make the pattern fill image as small as possible. Here’s a screenshot of a pattern fill in use and the actual image I used as the pattern fill.

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Thanks. If you imported that one ‘unit,’ how did you get the spacing between them, shown in the ‘fill’ image?

That “unit” includes whitespace. It’s a little hard to tell on this forum because it blends into the background, but the three diagonal lines only occupy the upper-left corner of the image, and then there’s some empty space to pad it out on the right and bottom sides.

Thanks again. So how can I crop this image in the way you have?

Again, how do we size the ‘units’? I’ve imported them, but they’re too large even when I adjust the scale in Pattern-Fill. I’m guessing I need to crop the unit with enough white space around it, but not sure how to do that. Thanks

You’ll have to play around with your image editor and tweak things until the size is right for your needs.

For reference, the pattern fill images distributed with LayOut are between 60-256 pixels on a side, and are around 500 DPI to give enough dynamic range to still look decent when scaled.


I was just reminded of this article by Aidan - he wrote this just after he created most of the pattern fills that are currently available in LayOut.

Making Custom Patterns for LayOut

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