I have a question about pattern_fill_scale

@tt_su please help me.
I have an image.
I want to use it to fill the face (5mm * 5mm) in the Layout.
How should I calculate the pattern_fill_scale ?
I can set the width and height in Sketchup, but I don’t know what to do in Layout.

# in Sketchup
material.texture.size = [5.mm,5.mm]

# in Layout
# ??????

It’s a scale factor. So start with 1.0 (which is 100%) and see how it looks.

Then adjust to suit your taste.

Now you are talking about a face that is less than 2/10ths of an inch square. Why would anyone need to see a pattern fill on such a small face. Why would a LayOut viewport need to zomm into such a small place ? SketchUp and LayOut are meant to design buildings.

Yes, I know this.
I have designed the hatch pattern in Sketchup.
Now, I need to fill in the Layout.

For example
I have a picture of 100px * 100px.
Make it into material (width:600mm height:600mm).
When my drawing scale is 1:20, this picture should correspond to the drawing size (width:30mm height: 30mm), but the scale factor is not equal to (30.mm / 100).
And how should I calculate the scale factor.