Texture Scales and Layout Patten Fill Scales

When textures are applied to objects/faces are they automatically set to real world 1:1 scales.

For example if I make a wall (l) 2025mm x (h) 2025mm x (w) 215mm and apply the default Brick_Antique texture will this automatically scale the texture of the bricks. If I know the wall is 9 brick long x 28 brick high is Sketchup smart enough to know this when applying the texture?

With regards to creating my own seamless textures, like a brick or wood what pixel size do I need to be creating these textures at if they are going to be realisticly used with regards to there objects scale?

Also if I am creating black & white house plans in layout using the hidden line style, vector at 1:100, how do I add brick or tile textures to my model at that appropriate scale.

I see there is a scale option for Patten Fills but does this relate to the actual scale of the model. Again using the brick example for a 1:100 model but I can’t seem to get the setting right for this. I’m not sure if I need to create some new black & white .png files for layout or if I am better off texturing the model in Sketchup with black & white textures then using the hybrid view or overlaying viewports?

Is there a black and white texture resource online?

I’ve seen the plugin Skalp and I’m think that this would be the answer but I’ve only seen it used on section cuts not on simple views that are not section cuts. However I’ve seen Nick Sondar’s videos which don’t use additional plugins so this must be achievable but I’m not sure if he has done black & white textured only plans or not.

Hope this make sense before my trial runs out.