Layout too slow to use

The display resolution is set to low. Auto render is off, but that doesn’t matter because there aren’t any models to render! Mind you, the pictures are big, 10800x7200 and about 8MB a piece.

I’m not sure what you mean by

but that is not a setting covered in the video I linked.
Perhaps it is something mentioned in a previous post in this topic. I must admit that I haven’t read it all.

Attached is the layout file in question: (it WAS 26MB, purged the references, saving 35% of file size)
Truss Plan.layout (9.2 MB)

Sorry it’s early. Yes display resolution. Zoom is not exactly smooth in Layout but that looks especially bad in that video. I have perspective sheets that us large jpegs exceeding 16 mb total, so I don’t think it’s the images. Is it just the images in that file? What is the size of the LO file?

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Check the edited post :point_up:

The purge did NOT help the choppiness. It’s not just the zoom either, it’s everything. Adding dimensions, moving things- all activity.
…watch what happens when I delete the pic though.

Maybe I need more RAM? (16GB) My laptop can have a max of 64GB.

But if that’s the case, why can other programs handle this amount of data on the same machine? :face_with_head_bandage:

It’s choppy for me… but, what you’ve done is not a workflow that I would choose to do.

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My machines all have more ram so I’m not sure on that front. I’ll try and open it in a bit. It’s certainly not a big file by any means.

You’re suggesting that it would have worked out better if I had done things with viewports and the normal methods. Fair enough, and I will be doing that in the future for sure, but why is Layout so weak at displaying these pictures? That seems really strange. But I’ve noticed my father’s AutoCAD doesn’t like photos either, especially not PNGs with transparency.

I am curious, I agree it is choppy, however, I tried to extract the Sketchup file from the file I downloaded. It was not in the zip. I do not know if this would affect the zoom or not. Also, I noticed the references in document setup are missing.

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There is no associated SketchUp file. I took screenshots of the model and edited them together in Xara Designer Pro. The only references are the two JPGs which make everything you see on the two pages, and the logo you see in the title block.

All the file has is 2 imported photos on 2 pages, one on each page. The photos were designed and exported from another program called Xara Designer Pro and it’s using the “Round Corner” default template title block.

Page 1 does not have to be an image - it can be done as viewports…?

And on Page 2 the truss details and plan also as viewports…?

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Yes, I’ve realized that, and it takes me about the same amount of time until it comes to the images on the second page, left side.

But I’ve been talking about that here:

The size of the images is definitely an issue for LayOut in its current state. Would those images still look just as good at 72 dpi instead of 300 for the work you are doing? LayOut internally attempts to keep SketchUp model viewport raster renders under 4,608,000 pixels even at high resolution due to the time it takes to draw those to the screen, and your image is almost 17 times larger than that. While we are looking into ways to address LayOut’s deficiencies in drawing performance, one of those ways may be by automatically downsampling extremely large image files such as your example to render to the screen.



Good point. I found that SketchUp managed 6 megapixel images with Match Photo despite being overkill, but has problems with 24 megapixel images.

Heavy image optimization for viewing is perhaps the main reason why Adobe applications once gained a performance edge compared to many competitors.

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Like SketchUp (and InDesign)?

It makes sense to me that a larger/complex layout project could maintain low quality/preview assets for page layout, but have the ability to automatically swap them out for high quality assets for final PDF/export.

A Print Preview function could also be added to help with checking, prior to final production.

But, in saying that, 72ppi will look rather pixelated on modern displays. Common 16" @ 4k & retina displays have about 300ppi.

If you’re talking photographs of scenery it may be acceptable, but (and scaled) technical drawings need higher res.



I’m new to Sketchup and Layout. I just started using SU2021 in January. Now I’ve started using Layout and it is incredibly slow. But I’m not trying to do anything anywhere near as complicated as the projects that people are describing here. I designed a simple wooden case with a door and three shelves and about six scenes. I then tried to use Layout to make a shop diagram. When I try to resize a viewport, it can take 5 seconds for the computer to respond to my movement! And this is on a Windows computer that doesn’t have lag times with any other software. I saw that after the petition, Trimble made changes in SU2022 … do I have to upgrade to deal with this issue? Is the newer Layout really significantly different and faster?

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I would say not necessarily - I and others haven’t had problems with Layout - others do.

Can you share the problem file?

Yes. It’s a file I created during a class with Finewoodworking and is based on a design by Marc Pekovich. I’m not sure if his design is copyrighted, but I made this file myself. I think you’ll see that the file is pretty basic (and less than 1/2 MB). The teacher in the class suggested it was my graphics card (Intel HD Graphics 5500). Could that be it?
Wall Cabinet Exercise 1.skp (408.7 KB)

Now you mention it - yes the graphics card could be contributing.

Others on the forum are more into the hardware and would have a more definite view.

You’ve shared the SketchUp file which is not slow on my system.

I imported it in Layout and it’s also not slow.

As Paul has stated the graphics may be a cause. Go directly to the Intel site and get the latest update for your card. It may or may not help as it is rather dated. Do not rely on Windows to supply the driver. SketchUp runs best on Nvidia graphics hardware.

Thanks RLGL and paul.mcalenan. I think the issue was my hardware. I finally got around to installing SketchUp 2022 on a different machine with an NVIDIA graphics card and it is running fine. Not exactly responding like lightening, but only minor lags which are manageable. The machine is also pretty old so at this stage it may be a combination of limited RAM or some software garbage. Basically, I’m happy with it this way. Thanks for writing and giving me the suggestions and support!!

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