Slow operation in LO

I have been experiencing very slow operation using Layout today. It doesn’t affect SU or other software. I don’t have a lot open. I have tried closing down and restarting the computer. I am beginning to wonder if it is something to do with the file I am working on (not especially big).

Everything is slow. So if you type something, for example, the letters appear one by one long after typing.

Has anyone else had this problem?

If you close your existing file and start a new document, do you still see the same issue?


No. Everything is fine with a new, fresh drawing. It looks like it is related to the drawing I was working on, but I cannot think what.

It might all depend on what you mean by “not especially big”. Have you looked at what the edge and face count of your model is in SketchUp (Model Info>Statistics) with “Show nested components” enabled? Have you used materials that use big image files?


Interesting. Apparently I have over 88,000 edges and over 44,000 faces. Quite where they are or how I came to have so many, I can’t say. There aren’t many components or groups and the drawing itself is just 2D. I tried purge unused and fix problems but neither made any difference. How do you go about finding out where all those unexpected elements are?

Can you share the file? That makes for easier diagnosis…

I’ve tried but I am told the file is too big to upload. Maybe that’s a sign?

Not sure the problem is quite as bad as it was when I reported it. Also, although 88k edges sounds like a lot, I have not checked other drawings to see if it is.

It’s doing it again today on another drawing. This one apparently has over 100k edges.

[quote=“simoncbevans, post:8, topic:31408, full:true”]
It’s doing it again today on another drawing. This one apparently has over 100k edges.
[/quote]Interestingly, an earlier version of this same drawing, which is very similar, only has 7,000 edges. Somehow, edges and faces seem to be proliferating without a lot of obvious additions.

I’ve been having the same problems with Layout (so slow) and I’m wondering if an further answers have come to this thread.
I have a one year old very powerful mac, shouldn’t be a problem.

Thanks for any help.


I’ve been having similar problems with a new file where the SU model referenced in the LO document is 14.9mb and the LO file is 22.4mb, not very large files as by the end of construction documents we will have LO files that exceed 50mb and run fine. My best guess is that the issue has to do with components. In the file in question, there are two components of a referenced in SU model of a building. The referenced building itself also has plenty of components within it but those aren’t being changed in this file.

Whenever I model with a large number of components, Layout seems to slow considerably. This is difficult to understand as modeling in this way is what is suggested in most modeling resources. Has anyone else experienced this or have any suggestions?