Layout take hours to update .skp


It takes more than 1 hour for my Layout to update a .skp file, and I wonder why. My Mac Pro has Xeon prosessor, Firepro graphics and max RAM yet seems ultimately slow on this specific file.

The 11 Mb file contains:
Edges: 3571777
Faces: 241612
Groups: 1278
Components: 117
Layers: 28
Materials: 57
Styles: 1

It occupies 2 Gb the OS reports, but very little seems to happen.

Any suggestions?

A solution is very appreciated, or I have to ask my customer to come back some other time (which, off course cannot happen)

Thanks in advance,

A 2 Gb SketchUp file is huge. It’s going to take LayOut a while to render. Especially if rendering in Vector or Hybrid.

Perhaps your SketchUp model could do with some clean up. Go to Model Info>Statistics and click on Purge. Maybe you could organize your model better using layers to allow you to turn off groups and components that aren’t visible in the scenes.

Have you imported a lot of things from the 3D warehouse? If so, be aware most of them are grossly over detailed and should be radically simplified before you use them as details in a larger overall model.

See for example this thread:

His post says the file is 11MB.

But says “It occupies 2 Gb the OS reports, …”, which I am guessing is the SketchUp application process.

@Fergos are you sure that you installed the 64-bit edition of SketchUp 2016 ?

On mac you don’t have a 32 bit version.

Thanks guys for all help.

I finally found a component from the Warehouse which had an overload of details, a reconstruction reduced it’s filesize from 4,4 Mb to 159 Kb . the component was repeated 30 times so it figures, sort off.

I purge regularly, and this time I remembered to use ThomThoms CleanUp v3, but it wasn’t before redrawing the “bad” component, purge, repurge and save a lot off times before Layout stopped choking. What a weekend!

Again, thanks for all suggestions, and links


Happy to hear you got it to work.It’s a good idea to thoroughly check components you get from the Warehouse before adding them to your models. I think the best thing to do is download them into a separate file, Check them out and do any cleanup there.


Why does this matter when the OP’s profile states he is running SU2016 on Windows 10 ?

Basically what I am getting at is that he maxed out the application process memory limits. He solved it by cleaning up his model and in particular a very “heavy poly” component which had 30 instances.

I was going to ask whether the statistics he showed in the first post were taken with the “show nested components” box enabled. With heavy components, it might multiply the edge/face count shown. Using components reduces file size, but when the file is open, SketchUp still has to deal with every single face and edge.


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