Importing SU images

I know this will be an easy solve, but I’m done watching youtube videos.

Export a jpg from sketchup, import said jpg into layout. Why does it create a large white background around it? It makes it difficult to scale the actual image because there is so much white space around the actual image. Also can’t move the image around much because the white background overlaps my layout template.

If you import a .jpg image into layout you get exactly that, a 2D image of whatever was inside the SketchUp window when you exported. If you had white around the model in sketchup when you took the snapshot then that’s what’s in the picture. The same as if you imported a picture of a flower or a puppy.

Layout is intended to be used by linking directly to the .skp sketchup model, not to a jpg. Open layout and chose your paper size then import the model directly. Or start from in sketchup, save the model and then click the Send To Layout button in the large tool set.