User manual for LayOut?


Hi there,
I am new to LayOut so excuse any “stupid” questions. Although I have been using Sketchup for some years and I get around it rather well, I can’t seem to find out how to “scale” an imported image in LayOut. Is there a Manuel out there?
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You can search through the Help articles for assistance. There are some books such as the One by Nick Sonder and Matt Donley regarding the use of LayOut for architecture.

What is this “image” you are importing. If it’s a photograph or a scanned drawing, there’s no real direct way to scale it. One way to do it would be to use Scaled Drawing to draw a line of a known length in the image Then resize the image by dragging the corners until the line in the image matches the Scaled Drawing line.

There may be a better way to do what you want if you can show what you are actually trying to accomplish.

Your profile indicates you are using SketchUp Free (Web) and 2016 which is contradictory as there is no 2016 version of SketchUp Free… You wouldn’t have access to LayOut if you are using SketchUp Free or Make. Please correct your profile.


Hi Phil_Rosa-Leeke and Dave…

…another resource will be our new then look at the LayOut tab.




Hi DaveR,

Thanks for your reply.

The image is a template/plan of an item I want to alter. It has all the dimensions on it and when ever I do something like this in Sketchup, it’s easy. With that in mind, I tried using the same method and nothing went my way. I then saw a video where the gentleman in it did it the LayOut way and I now think, especially after what you said, I am on the right track. Once again, thanks.

As for which Sketchup I am using, I must have mucked up when filling out the registry form, I’m using the 2018 Pro. I have never used the on-line version of Sketchup as I have had it on my Mac since 2008.



Thanks Trent, I will take a look.




Probably the best thing to do is import the image into SketchUp and use it as a reference for your modeling. Send it to LayOut for your documentation.


I think, if you press your right mouse key on the imported model in layout from SketchUp, you see the option,scale, more advanced options are in the books mentioned above.


This is true but it does not apply to imported images.


True !


@Phil_Rosa-Leeke I think you might also want to look at the new SketchUp Campus training materials. There is a track specifically for layout which covers almost everything. You can find at this link: Layout Essentials


I suggest Matt Donley’s Book “SketchUp to Layout”. IMHO it’s about as close to a manual as you will find. Great tutorials and great for reference.