Update Dimension Scale For Imported Floorplan

I’ve imported a floorplan, that didn’t import with the correct scale - ie door width is 2’-9" not 3’-0". How do I update the scale by clicking two points on the drawing and telling the program what the measurement is?

use tape measure tool. measure between the two points. type in the correct dimension. hit return.

Thanks Matt for the help. In LayOut? I don’t have a tape measure available. Only a dimension tool.

Where did you import the floor plan from? SketchUp?

It is a PDF

So basically you’ve imported an image and you want it to be sized to a specific scale? LayOut really isn’t intended to handle images that way so it’ll take some trial and error to get it scaled perfectly. You could import it into SketchUp, adjust the size there and create a scene that can be set to the desired scale in LayOut.

Sorry, I thought you were working in SU. My bad. I have been doing this pretty successfully in LO recently. Find a known dimension. Use the dimension tool to take a measurement of that dimension in the appropriate scale. Divide the known dimension by the actual dimension to find the ratio by which you need to scale your pdf. Now grab a corner of the pdf, press shift, and start moving the viewport in the right dimension. Let go of the mouse and shift button and type the ratio and press return. Your pdf should now be to the right scale. It’s pretty easy, probably not perfectly accurate, but has been giving me pretty good results.

Hope this helps.

Thanks again!

Just an added note: I find when I import a PDF into SU, I loose too much resolution, even when I make the changes in preferences > the OpenGL settings > to X Use maximum texture size. But importing the PDF into Layout and using Masks and layers to hide what I do not want and draw over the masks I am able to work with a PDF and print the product with a readable resolution.