Setting scale on a floorplan converted from pdf to dfx

Hi folks!
I have converted a floorplan from pdf to dfx and imported it to SU, using a 2D template by milimeters.
I want to use a line witch is 24 meters (24000 mm) to set the scale using “Tape measure tool.”
(Su is reading this line to be ~240mm). When I try to set the scale to 24000 mm, it ends far out of the floorplan. If anyone can tell me what I’m missing here, I’d be a happy Sketchuper.

That’s saying it will upscale by about 100x. Does it look that much smaller than your model? Got a screen shot of what you’re seeing?

Assuming that the DXF geometry is a group, yes, when you edit the group, measure the line with the Tape Measure and then enter a new dimension the entire group will scale up, so if there is loose geometry far away from the line you are measuring the line might move far away.

But seeing the file or seeing a screen shot or two would help understand what’s happening.

Hi again!
This is a screenshot of the floorplan. I converted the pdf one more time with inkscape and now it looks a little closer, but still SU won’t accept the scale I want to set (24000 mm) witch is the real lenght of the line. You can see the measure SU wantit to bee, 23039 mm.

Thanks for the reply.
See my reply to RTCool.

So you’re typing a number (24000) without any units, correct? Are you sure your document is actually in mm not cm or inches instead by mistake? (I’m not saying it is, but something I would double check just to be sure) No matter what the document’s units are, you can always type in others as long as you type the units with the number. For example, in the US using inches for cabinetry, if you have European hardware that need a 30mm bore hole, you can type 30mm and get the correct size. In this example, I should think you could type 24m and get meters even if the document is in some other units. Correct me if I’m wrong.

220504 - Berge Rederi kontor - Endelige tegninger.pdf (1.4 MB)
This is the original pdf. Normaly in Norway we use the unit mm, but as you can see, on this plan the measurements are in meters. I’ll try to use a template with meters to see if that helps. But I’m sure SU kan tel the difference betweem meters and millimeters automaticaly. Agree?

This is what happens when I set scale to 24 meters. 2D template in meters too.

After inserting the .DXF, use Scale tool and enlarge it a little (2x). Then enter the group and scale it to the desired size with Tape measure (with Ctrl).

Use the .DXF only as a reference (sort of) and draw everything in SketchUp manually entering each dimension and positioning of the elements, if you want to create an exact model.

Thanks for your help, it worked, but I had to try to scale the group up and down until I found the eksakt size. Hopefully I’ll find out how to set the scale by typing in the measurement field, and the hole plan directly resizes correctly. I know I have to draw in SU manually to create an exact model.
Problem solved for now, but I have a long way to go before I can use SU fluently and for professional purpose.

Thanks to all of you who tried to help :slight_smile: