How to speed up scaling an imported drawing as a JPEG into Layout please?


Hi folks. I have been copying hand-sketched drawing using JPEG in order to draw over them. It is very very slow ! How can I speed this up and how can I get the scale right quicker without endless manipulation of the imported JPEG drawing please. I appreciate your interest. Thanks.


Import your image into SketchUp, not LayOut, and model there to full scale. LayOut has no tools for drawing scaled plans.

In SketchUp you can use the Tape measure tool to scale your whole model, including the imported picture, in one go. Click with it on two known points in your image, and immediately type the distance between them, press Enter and OK to the prompt that asks you if you want to resize your entire model.



Thanks Anssi - grateful as ever.

Once I have imported that on to Layout I guess using the line tools etc will be quicker.