Scaling and sizing jpgs for pasting on faces


I understand I need an imaging editor (using GIMP now) to adjust the resolution on images imported to paste on a face. Are there any tutorials available for learning HOW to resize and/or rescale images for use in SketchUp models?
I’ve been asked to create a mock exhibition for prints mounted on panels, then create a video for export.
I can import images, but the resolution is not so good. I’d like to learn how to scale and size jpgs for SketchUp models, with the best possible resolution. Any information on what factors need to be addressed and how to do it would be much appreciated. Thanks!


You could split up the high resolution image outside SketchUp into several images.

Import them into SketchUp and ‘stitch’ the images (or if applyed as texture, the geometry) together, hiding the seams between them. That way you sort of bypass the max. resolution that SketchUp applies for imported images and texture.

b.t.w. have you set resulution to max yet in SketchUp?


I found out how to do it. Here’s a good article, with points we should be aware of when going to 'max’

Stitching together the images is a good idea. Thanks.