Resolution with Images



Hello, I deal with images that have high resolution, but when imported to sketchup the quality is reduced to unusable.

is there an extension or 3rd-party application that can split my image into equal parts so I can import them then stitch them together on sketchup to maintain quality?

And yes maximum texture size is not enough. If there is another solution please let me know!

Thank you,


All you need is a modestly capable raster image editor.
This one is free:



Have you first checked to ensure that SU is set to display the “maximum texture size” in preferences?


Update - I see that you noted that ‘maximum texture size’ is not enough which I’ll admit confused me as that’s where I went first automatically.

Try posting some images as to what you mean by:

quality is reduced to unusable.


I had the same question a week or so ago. su downsampnes images(imported) to 1024px.

See this thread…


thank you all for the help. I will try the suggestions.

I found a way…but it sucks trying to stitch pieces manually. There’s always a pixel off.

Much appreciated.