Imported scaled jpegs and scaled drawings


I am having problems matching scales in Layout. I have a purchased scaled map at 1:2500 in Jpeg format which I have imported at full size into Layout. I want to add a building outline and access road onto the map for Planning Permission purposes at the same scale. I have drawn the building in sketchup and imported the model into Layout. However, when I scale the imported drawing to 1:2500 and superimpose the scaled building onto the map it is the incorrect size.
Any ideas?

I expect that the inserted image is not actually sized correctly. After inserting the image into LO, I would trace a line in it for which you have the dimension. The longer the better. Add a dimension to the line with the 1:2500 scale and group everything. Then resize the group until the displayed dimension matches the known dimension.

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Hi Dave

I have purchased a 1:2500 map when printed on A2. I have used an A2 Layout document and imported at full size. I would hope this would work but clearly hasn’t. I’m not sure I understand your suggested process. So I have drawn a line on the Jpeg the length of the scale bar (5cm). When I add a dimension to the line the reading is 0?? If I then make a scaled drawing of the line at 1:2500 it virtually dissapears.

Can you share the LO file?

Sure. However I may have found a solution. I have enlarged the map to fill the whole of the A2 document and the scale bar seems to match my 5cm line scaled to 1:2500. This is not a very precise or controlable scaling unfortunately. I assume this was what you meant? … and if you are a UK resident I am sure you understand the fussiness of planners when it comes to scaled maps!

Bills barn2.layout (4.6 MB)

That sounds like an easier solution. I didn’t know that you were importing the image to the same size paper as the original. Images and even initial imports of SketchUp viewports come sized to fit on the paper with a fairly substantial border. I’m not sure how that border is determines but resizing the image here is the easiest way. Especially since the corners will snap to the corners of the paper.

Planners are fussy here in Minnesota, too. :wink:

Hi Dave

Thanks for the input. Much appreciated. I think this should satisfy them.

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