Poor background image in LayOut vs SketchUp Scene

Can someone help me figure out why the background image of my SketchUp Scene is not the same quality when linked into LayOut?

I need to use the Civil Engineers plat plan to show the placement of the home on the property.

What do you get when you export to PDF from LayOut?

Remember that LO normally displays the viewports at less than full resolution to help keep graphics performance up.

I will check that out now and get back to you in a few.

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No change in quality from the original poor image.
I exported to PDF at the highest quality and no change.

How is it handled in the SketchUp file? Did you import it as an image and leave it as an image? Or is it being used as a texture?

That may be where I went astray.
The Plat Plan has changed so I needed to swap out the old one for the new one in SketchUp
I created a new Model in SketchUp. I imported the file as an image, scaled it and rotated it. Saved the image as a component so I could install it from the components tool tray.

I did it that way to avoid messing with the scale of my nearly complete model in SketchUp.

Does that mean you exploded the image and made it a component?

Yes. That is what I did.

How about don’t explode the image? Import it, resize it to the correct scale, and use the extension Large Image Splitter from the Extension Warehouse to divide it into smaller, higher res images. Select all of them and make that a component if you want it for later use.

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I will check that out.
I will let you know how it goes.

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Looks like that was my issue.
Thank you for your help.

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