Jpg. resolution in Layout

The imported (copy/paste) jpg. images to Layout are not focused. How can I improve their resolution?
The same images, copied and pasted to a Word document, are clear.

Perhaps it is just the Edit setting you are using. Look at File>Document Setup>Paper The Edit quality is probably set to Low or Medium. You can work with that lower resolution but export at a higher setting or, if you wish, set Edit quality to High although that may impact performance of your computer.

thanks, but setting edit to high did not help

What are the images of… SketchUp Models? or, Something else?

The “copy/paste” phrase digs up connotations of screen captures saved to the clipboard, and then pasted into another program. A common oldschool practice for bringing images into Word. But also something which can be greatly improved upon if using this same approach when going from SketchUp into Layout.

Even if going through the SketchUp Export to Layout’s Insert option, things can still be improved upon in a meaningful way.

Ideally you can just save your SketchUp File, and then ‘Insert’ that directly into Layout, with no need for a copy/paste approach. […alternatively you can just ‘Open’ your SU file in Layout—and Layout will let you do that, but you’ll first have to choose a paper size before any further editing takes place.]

… For a best case scenario It’s well worth creating ‘scenes’ within SketchUp prior to bringing your model into Layout. From there you can reference those scenes directly within Layout, and fine tune them as needed.

As DaveR suggests, any kind of Image Capture method (i.e. a Copy, or even an Export), is subject to whatever resolution settings are used in the program you exported from (or, taken a screen capture from).

Maybe the use of Copy/Paste doesn’t mean what I’m interpreting it to be… But from a troubleshooting position, and reading the words for what they are (and not as what I hope they might mean); the copy/paste approach seems like an unusual path to take if we’re just discussing the typical SketchUp to Layout workflow. (going into Word, I’m fine with it.)

Having said all this, It would be useful to get a little more info about your goals here.

What’s being copied?.. and If it’s just a SketchUp Model,… What specific steps are you taking when bringing it into layout?

This might be more of a workflow / procedure issue; than an image resolution question.

Anyhow, I don’t mean to come off too harsh here. I’m just trying to offer my best first impressions of the question.

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Hello i have a similar question, i use to insert some renderer models as a reference in my schematics in Layout. But im feel confused about resolution. I mean i insert a 800 x 600 px image and it apears with the same size as a 1920 x 1080 px image, it seems to be that the image size does not change on the layout, And when i scale the image on both cases to full fill the page on both cases does not seems to have a loose on the resolution. So how does Layout manage the images in terms of resolution ?