Hot news: SketchUp 2022 is here!

Whether you’re just learning SketchUp, or you’ve orbited around the axis a time or two, the SketchUp 2022 release has a little something for every 3D modeler. New and enhanced modeling tools, more search functionality, and time-saving enhancements in LayOut will rev up your workflows in the new year.

SketchUp Pro deets

What’s new with SketchUp Pro 2022? In a nutshell, it adds essential time-savers.

Explore a brand-spanking-new Search feature to help you quickly find and activate native commands and installed extensions. Save time – and precious brainpower – by just typing in the name or workflow-related query, such as ‘elevation,’ ‘boolean,’ or ‘chamfer.’ Plus, meet the newest member of your design arsenal, the Lasso Select tool. Draw custom selection bounds without reorienting the camera, create multiple discrete selections in one click-drag operation, and select entities faster with stylus inputs.

Stamp Copy, Tag Tool, Freehand, Tangent Inference Lock, Scene Search were also polished to shine in your new workflow. You can explore all the details in our full release notes.

LayOut on megaphone

LayOut is taking a turn in the spotlight in 2022. With massive Auto-Text updates and Find & Replace, LayOut helps you work like the pro that you are.


  • Select Viewport-based Auto-Text labels from the Auto-Text menu in label creation or templated labels. You can use these labels in scrapbooks or with transparent label leaders.
  • Before new enhancements to Page Management Auto-Text, manually creating and maintaining a table of contents could be time-consuming and error-prone. Hello, and <PageName()> tags!
  • A long-standing feature request, Sequence Auto-Text is a new Auto-Text tag that automatically increments when duplicated. These tags are used to annotate drawings and figures rapidly, create numbered drawing titles, legends, and many other use cases.

Find & Replace text

If you’re an efficiency fiend like us, you’ll love Find & Replace in LayOut! Speed up the QA process and make changes to text in a selection, a page, or a document on the double.

Other notables include a Zoom Selection context command, native M1 Support for SketchUp on Mac, and a new Entities Builder API interface. Read on here if you’re interested in learning more about all the 2022 release goodies.

Our team is excited for you to jump into the details and see these updates firsthand. As always, we’ll be listening across the forum for your feedback so don’t hold back – let us know what’s making your workflow shine and what you’d like us to improve. Cheers to more wow-worthy designs in 2022!


Fantastic improvements for 2022! I am impressed with the ease of use and snappiness of LayOut, especially. Can’t wait to take these new versions through some projects and adapt and accelerate my workflow.

Great job, SketchUp team!


Minimum OS requirements?

For Mac, 10.14 was dropped, it requires 10.15 now. I don’t know if 10.14 will still happen to work.


Some great changes here. No clipping when hiding rest of model? Yes! Standard views respecting modified axis? Double YES!!


Fantastic updates. Thanks SketchUp team.


Congrats for this release! Cheers!


I must say I love it so far. Sure - we have tons of ideas of how to make Sketchup better but this is heading into the right direction. And I assume M1 native support wasn’t a one-afternoon-recompiling job either… :slight_smile: So: thanks guys!!!


looks great, too bad I can’t get it with my classic licenses :frowning: but let’s not bring that up again :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you so much for M1 support!! :star_struck:


Looks like there are some goodies here as well as the usual disappointments that longstanding issues are still not grasped. There are also some additions like the enhanced Autotext features that just bring things up to the standards generally expected now. For me, jury’s still out on whether it is worth committing to a subscription.

I am interested in the Mac improvements. I can’t quite work out whether they only affect those with M1 chips. Perhaps as more Mac users pile in here, we will find out.


well I like it.


There are no changes other than native code that affect only M1 Macs. All features are identical (unless, of course, bugs are found in the M1 port later).

But there’s a new scale figure!!!

I hope so. Otherwise this is my last year with Sketchup.


That should not happen.

With respect, there must be something wrong with your model or your setup.

Share the model…



My interiors drawings don’t. I know how to use textures.