Standard scenes respecting modified global axis, but do they?

I was very excited about this improvement to SU22, but I must be holding my tongue wrong?


Hmm; I just tested the exact steps in your GIF and got the expected behavior (shortcuts, toolbar, and menu commands for Standard Views respect the new global axes). I’m on Big Sur like you.

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I’ll ask around and see if there are any ideas why you may be seeing the old behavior. Within the group and component, are you seeing the standard views respect the group and component’s axes?

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I get the same (expected) result as Mark, using SU2022 and Monterey 12.2.

I wonder what you, @endlessfix , might be doing differently?

I made my ‘house’ into a component. Wonder if that makes a difference, if you didn’t?

Tries it…
No, doesn’t make any difference. Still works as expected, when the house is still raw geometry.

Silly question perhaps - if you have more than one version installed, are you actually using v2022 when creating the GIF?

Weird, I can’t explain it. I am indeed on 2022 (included the header in the gif to be sure). I’ll try a restart and see what happens.

EDIT: Restarted my computer and now getting expected behavior, standard views are respecting the modified axis. I have no idea why they were not before, I’ll keep an eye out.

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Thanks for verifying a restart fixed this. We didn’t think that older installations of SketchUp might affect this behavior, so I’ll watch this thread.