Today’s the day: Announcing SketchUp 2021!

It’s a big day for SketchUp. In our 2021 update, we are introducing… well, a whole lot!


For starters, we are rolling out a new set of product logos. They are hard to miss! We are already falling for the new SketchUp icon. Once you get your hands on it, we think you will too.

In SketchUp Pro 2021, we are introducing significant improvements to tag management annnd… parametric control of Live Components. We are really excited for you to test drive this update!

Last but not least, we are launching a new web application, PreDesign, dedicated to early-stage design research. This is a new way to start architectural projects in SketchUp, drawing on climate-driven insights to build compelling design narratives.

You can learn more about SketchUp 2021 on our blog and in our release notes. Here on the forum, we’ll be listening to your feedback, eager to keep improving SketchUp.

Mark, on behalf of the SketchUp team


Happy new (SketchUp) year, everyone!


Congrats on the launch! And here’s my review video of SketchUp Pro 2021 with my most click-baity thumbnail to date!


Congrats on the release. This must be one of the earliest releases of a major version in a decade or more.


Congratulations! I expected a release in January.

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Congratulations on new release! New tag management looks great!! Something that I was looking for years.

Nightmare for people with myopia :nerd_face: (they all look the same! Really. Especially on a big 4K)


I thought versions around SU2016-2018 were usually released around October-November? (at least what I got used to with “classic” versions)

While it would be nice to have a consistent timeframe, we are actually trying to move towards delivering valuable updates to SketchUp more frequently (if less predictably on the calendar). One neat feature in this 2021 update is a new direct download for updates so that you can grab mid-year updates (like the two we released this year) a bit faster.


A bit more complicated on my side (corporate network). So need to sort out automatic roll-out to my 70’ish users. (and the bit that I cannot automatically get to them our agreed interface/toolbar setup and import of shortcuts and plug-ins is a big pain. I mean - automatic, with silent install of new version, including interface setup and templates for SU and LO)

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The automatic update gives you the installer without you having to log in or even open a web browser, the installing part isn’t any different.

Also, the check for updates can be turned off like before.

Thanks for thew review Matt, great video! The logo is more Trimple-y, so not too shocking, and a nice play on the letters. For the nay-sayers, it’s not the logo, people, but what you do with the software; you’ll get used to it. Love the Folders in Tags & really looking forward to working with those Live Components; Dynamic components changed a lot for me, so this should be even better! Pre-Design seems very interesting & a nice bonus for us architects using SketchUp, especially if you’re designing out of town. Really feeling good about sticking with this software through all these years. It looks like they’re making carefully considered moves to maintain it’s position with architects into the future. Thanks SketchUp, in my opinion, this software keeps getting better with every update & I don’t take that for granted, as it helps me make my living! :slight_smile:


Taken from the Release Notes for Layout;

  • Fixed an issue where exporting to pdf would fail with some files containing Clipping Masks.


Going to give it a while to settle down then hopefully download in a few weeks.

Would be interested to hear any views on Layout Performance.


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In the LayOut Release Notes…

Added the ability to resize the Tags panel in the SketchUp mode inspector

I’m assuming mode is meant to be model

If this means what I think it means then it’s not working…

Or have I got it wrong or missed something?

This is what I see:

Click on it to enlarge it.

It’s not happening Dave

I notice you’ve got all your inspectors stacked in a single tray whereas my model inspector is in its own tray… could that be the issue…?

I’ll play around tomorrow

The logo looks way cool.

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I just made a new tray for the SketchUp Model panel and…

click on the picture to see the whole thing.

I really like the new features of Layout.

Feature Request: can we have an option to choose to keep the old logo ?

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This handle is only active (I believe) when the tags panel is expanded. Let us know if you still aren’t able to grab it!

When I tried this, I did have something unusual happen. For my test document there were only a few tags, but the tags area was very tall, and I couldn’t resize it. When I tried, the tray scrolled back to the top of the tags, and my attempted drag was lost.

What solved it was to expand the Style section, that then straightened out the tags section.

Try that.