Layout 2018 new scenes don't load


Hello, I’ve just started using layout 2018 and have a problem with loading new scenes from SU. When I first start layout and insert a scene from the SU model everything works fine. The problem comes if I add a new scene to the source SU model, that scene does not appear on the context pull down menu, nor am I able to insert the scene using any other method. The only thing that does work is to restart the computer. Therefore if I make a new scene, shut everything down, restart the machine (make a cup of coffee) then the new scene is available for insert. I guess its a bug, but any suggestions welcome.



After you save the changes in the SKP file, you’ll need to update the reference in LayOut. You can do that by right clicking on an existing viewport and choosing Update reference or by going to File>Document SetUp>References and updating there. The reason it works when you shut down and restart LayOut is because it’s looking for your original references to see if they’ve changed. It alerts you to that fact during the opening of the project. But you don’t need to go to that trouble.

Once you’ve got the first viewport from your SketchUp model in LayOut, copy it to make the additional viewports. Do not use File>Insert again for the same SketchUp file.


Thanks Dave - I was sure I’d done that process to update the window, but I’ve just been through the process as described and all has worked, so clearly I had not. Thank you!


I’m happy that helped and got you back on track.


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