Unable to insert new scene from SketchUp into LayOut

Hi, I’m working in the LayOut Essentials course and I’m struggling with the lesson “Changing Model Scenes”.

For some reason, I’m unable to insert a new scene from SU into LayOut. I’m following the steps in the lesson’s video but the new scene isn’t showing up in LayOut.

Please help!

Do you already have an existing viewport from the SketchUp model in your LayOut project? If so, creating another viewport would be done by copying the first one.

If you’ve created a new scene in the SketchUp file, you need to save the changes to the model file, go to LayOut and update the reference (in LO2020 you can click on the circular arrow button in the top right corner of the SketchUp Model panel while you have a viewport selected. Then either change the selected viewport’s scene or copy the viewport and select the new scene from the Scenes dropdown list.
Screenshot - 8_19_2020 , 9_43_33 AM

Hi Dave,

Yes, I created a new scene in the SketchUp file and saved the changes. I downloaded 2020 so I was able to refresh the page by using the circular arrow button and the new scene I created showed up in the dropdown. However, when I clicked on that new scene, it didn’t change in LayOut.

You will have to move/navigate the view to the area of the new scene, just as if you were moving to a different point in your SU model.

The fix is to reset the Camera settings in the SketchUp Model window. You’ll notice that the background of the Camera section in the panel is dark gray and the Reset button is displayed. This means that the camera position is different than the scene and by changing it in LO, you are overriding the scene’s camera settings. Click on the Reset button and you will be good to go. :wink:

This worked! Thank you Dave

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