Scenes not showing in Inserted Model

Hi Im test driving SketchUp Free for the first time. It seems really good, I like it. I inserted a SU 2018 model from my desktop and the scene tabs dont show at all. It says “there are no scenes in this model”. The model I inserted had scenes. Any help would be appreciated. Using Windows 10 with an Nvidea card. Cheers.

can you upload the file here?
There are no scene ‘tabs’ like in the desktop version. Scenes are accessed in the View tab on the right:

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Did you load the model or insert it (as a component)?

Actually I worked out what I was doing wrong and how to do it right. The problem was, as you suggested, inserting it as a component rather uploading and opening the skp file. Kinda silly in hindsight :slight_smile: Thanks!

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