Scenes NOT Updating Information

Hi, I’m having trouble with my scenes. I makes changes in one Scene and hit the update button but then all the other scenes do not reflect the added furniture/etc that I have added to the model. I have even created components, but then I go to another scene and I can’t add those components! What is going on? I have a project due to the printers by Friday morning, so would love help on this asap or else I will not be able to get my project done!

Thank you!

How about sharing the SKP file so we can see exactly what’s going on? There are several possible reasons that come to mind.

Hello Sasha,

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Hi DaveR!

Thank you SO much for your speedy and timely response! After struggling some more, I realized that I had accidentally created and moved the floor into place on the 60" turning wheel layer which of course, was not turned on on the other Scenes. A very good reminder for myself that Scenes keep whether or not a layer shows up or not so I should always check that first before thinking it might be something else. My machine has been crashing lately, especially while rendering, so thought it might be some other malfunction. I am glad it was not something else.

Thanks again!

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