Not able to insert scene from SU

I am not able to insert a model from SketchUp even after updating and saving the scenes.
Any suggestions? Thanks

Could you share the LO and SKP files?

original file too big. sending test files - same thing is happeningCockrell res. entry test.skp (3.0 MB)
Cockrell res. Entry.layout (6.0 KB)


I imported the SKP via File>Insert in LayOut and got this. It seemed to work fine for me. How are you attempting to insert it?

That’s interesting. I’m attempting to insert the same way I always have - FILE > INSERT
(scene updated and saved in SU)

What version of SketchUp? What version of LayOut? Is it possible the SKP file is from a newer version than the LayOut version?

It’s working now - go figure! Both SU and LO 2016.

Another question: How do I keep the images on separate pages from ALL changing when I update a scene in SU?
When I do every page changes to the most recent update. I’d like to have multi-pages, each with different images. Thanks

Maybe it was how you were holding your tongue or somethng?

You need to create a scene in SketchUp for each viewport you’ll use in LayOut. Think of the scenes as snapshots of the model and you’re you’re just spreading those snapshots out on the pages of your project.